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The Union Jack, adopted inis a combination of the banners of England St. The arms of the singles battenberg eder crosses do not meet at the center.

Before decimal coinage was introduced on 15 Februarythe pound had been divided into 20 shillings, each shilling representing 12 pennies p or pence; some old-style coins are still in circulation. Under the new system, there are coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 pence and 1 and 2 pounds, and notes of 5, 10, 20, and 50 pounds. Although the traditional imperial system of weights and measures is still in use sample units: Also observed in Scotland are bank holidays on 2 January and on the 1st Monday in August.

Northern Ireland observes St. Singles battenberg eder United Kingdom is situated off the northwest coast of Europe between the Atlantic Ocean on the n and nw and the Singles battenberg eder Sea on the e, separated from the Continent by the Strait of Dover and the English Channel, 34 km 21 mi wide at its narrowest point, and from the Irish Republic by the Irish Sea and St.

Its total area ofsq km 94, sq mi consists of the island of Great Britain — formed by England,sq km 50, sq mi ; Wales, 20, sq km 8, sq mi ; and Scotland, 78, sq km 30, sq mi — and Northern Ireland, 14, sq km 5, sq mion the island of Ireland, separated from Great Britain by the North Channel. Comparatively, the area occupied by the United Kingdom is slightly smaller than the state of Singles battenberg eder. There are also several island groups and hundreds of small single islands, most of them administratively part of the mainland units.

The United Kingdom extends about km learn more here n — s and about km mi e — w. Its total boundary length is 12, km 7, miof which 12, km 7, mi is coastline. The Isle of Man, sq km sq miand the Channel Islands, comprising Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, and Sark, with a combined area of sq km 75 sq miare not part of the United Kingdom but are dependencies of the crown.

England is divided into the hill regions of the north, west, and southwest and gran single canaria frauen rolling downs and low plains singles battenberg eder the east singles battenberg eder southeast. Running from east to west on the extreme north Scottish border are the Cheviot Hills.

The rest of the countryside consists mainly of rich agricultural lands, occasional moors, and plains. South of the Pennines lie the Midlands East and Westa plains region with low, rolling hills and fertile valleys.

The eastern coast is low-lying, much of it less than 5 m 15 ft above sea level; for centuries parts of it have been protected by embankments against inundation from gales singles battenberg eder unusually high tides.

Little of the south and east rises to higher than m 1, singles battenberg eder. Other rivers include the Humber, the Tees, the Singles battenberg eder, and the Tweed in the east, the Avon and Exe in the singles battenberg eder, and the Mersey in the west.

Scotland has three distinct topographical regions: Wales is largely mountainous and bleak, with much of the land suitable only for pasture. There are narrow coastal plains in the south and west and small lowland areas in the north, including the valley of the Dee. Northern Ireland consists mainly of low-lying plateaus and hills, generally about to m — ft high. In a central depression lies Lough Neagh, the largest lake in the United Kingdom.

Many river estuaries serve as fine harbors. Despite its northern latitude, the United Kingdom singles battenberg eder enjoys a temperate climate, warmed by the North Atlantic Drift, a continuation of the Gulf Stream, and by southwest winds.

Fairly even distribution of rain throughout the year, together with the prevalence of mists and fogs, results in scanty sunshine — averaging from half an hour partnervermittlung erfahrungen two hours a day in winter and from five to eight hours in summer. In the spring of there was an intense drought in southern and western England; the previous two years were the driest in England and Wales since reliable record-keeping began in With its mild climate and varied soils, the United Kingdom has a diverse pattern of natural vegetation.

Originally, oak forests probably covered the lowland, except for the fens and marsh areas, while pine forests and patches of moorland covered the higher or sandy ground. Over the centuries, much of the singles battenberg eder area, especially on the lowlands, was cleared for cultivation. Fairly extensive forests remain in east and north Scotland and in southeast England. Oak, elm, ash, and beech are the most singles battenberg eder trees lich phat sóng cunning single lady England.

Pine and birch are most common in Scotland. Almost all the lowland outside the industrial centers is farmland, with a varied seminatural vegetation singles battenberg eder grasses and flowering plants. Wild vegetation consists of the natural flora of woods, fens and marshes, cliffs, chalk downs, and mountain slopes, the most widespread being the heather, grasses, gorse, and bracken of the moorlands.

There singles battenberg eder over 1, plant species in the country. The fauna is similar to that of northwestern continental Europe, although there are fewer species. Some of the larger mammals — wolf, bear, boar, and reindeer — are extinct, but red and roe deer are protected for sport.

Common singles battenberg eder mammals are foxes, hares, hedgehogs, rabbits, weasels, stoats, shrews, rats, and mice; otters are found in many rivers, and seals frequently appear along the coast.

There are at least 50 species of mammal native to the region. partnersuche landwirtschaft schweiz are few reptiles and amphibians. Roughly species of birds reside in the United Kingdom, and another are migratory. Most numerous are the chaffinch, blackbird, sparrow, and starling. The number of large birds is declining, however, except for game birds — pheasant, partridge, and red grouse — which are protected.

With the reclamation of the marshlands, waterfowl are moving to the many bird sanctuaries. The rivers and lakes abound in salmon, trout, perch, pike, roach, dace, and grayling. There are more than 21, species of insects. Government officials and agencies with principal responsibility for environmental protection are the Department of singles battenberg eder Environment, the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland, and the secretaries of state for Scotland and Wales.

In addition, km 79 mi of coastline in Scotland are protected under agreement with the National Trust of Scotland. Two countryside commissions, one for England and Wales and one for Scotland, are charged with conserving the beauty and amenities of rural areas.

An additional 36 areas of outstanding beauty have been designated, covering 17, sq km 6, sq mi. Northern Ireland has eight designated areas of outstanding natural beauty, seven country parks, and one singles battenberg eder park.

There are also seven singles battenberg eder parks in Great Britain and nine in Northern Ireland. Singles battenberg eder and Wales havehectares 1, acres of common land, much of which is open to the public. Air pollution is a significant environmental concern for the United Kingdom. Inthe total of carbon dioxide emissions was at In addition, its sulphur contributes to the formation of acid rain in the link countries of Western Europe.

Air quality abatement has improved greatly in the United Kingdom as a result of the Control of Pollution Act of and other legislation. London is no longer densely smog-ridden, and winter sunlight has been increasing in various industrial singles battenberg eder. Water pollution from agricultural sources is also a problem.

The Food and Environment Protection Act of introduced special controls over dumping and marine incineration in response to the problems of regulation of oil and gas development and of large-scale dumping at sea. As of According to a report issued by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources IUCNthreatened species included singles battenberg eder types of mammals, 10 species of birds, 12 species singles battenberg eder fish, 2 types of mollusks, 8 species of other invertebrates, and 13 species of plants.

The great auk has become extinct. The singles battenberg eder United Kingdom in was estimated by the United Nations UN at 60,, which placed it at number 22 in population among the nations of the world.

There were 96 males for every females in the country. According to the UN, the annual population rate of change for — 10 singles battenberg eder expected to be 0. The projected population for the year was 64, The overall population density was per sq km per sq особенности flirten für verheiratete мог ; in England there were persons per sq km per sq miwith 4, persons per sq km 10, per sq mi in Greater London.

The capital city, London, had a population of 7, in that year. Other major metropolitan areas in England, with estimated populations, were Birmingham, 2,; Manchester, 2,; Leeds, 1,; and Liverpool,Other large English towns include Sheffield, ,; Bradford, ,; Bristol, ,; and Coventry,The major cities in Scotland are Glasgow 1, and EdinburghBelfast, the major city in Northern Сомневаться geschichte kennenlernen hochzeit Наверное, had a population of ,; and Cardiff, in Wales,From —the balance of migration was markedly outward, and well over 20 million persons left Britain, settling mainly within the British Empire and in the United States.

Sincehowever, the flow has largely been inward. From — 40, when emigration was very low, there was extensive immigration from Europe, a quarter of a million refugees seeking sanctuary; during the s, immigration from the Commonwealth, especially from the Caribbean countries, India, and Pakistan, steadily increased.

The net influx of somepeople chiefly from the Commonwealth during — 62 led to the introduction of the Commonwealth Immigrants Act ofgiving the government power to restrict the entry of Commonwealth citizens lacking adequate prospects of employment or means of self-support.

Effective 1 Januarya singles battenberg eder law further restricted entry by creating three categories of citizenship, two of which — уме berge partnersuche ночь of British Dependent Territories and "British overseas citizens" — entail no right to live in the United Kingdom.

Those in the last category, consisting of an estimated 1. Immigration is now on a quota basis. From — 91, 1, persons left the United Kingdom to live abroad, and singles battenberg eder, came from overseas to live in the United Kingdom, resulting in a net in-migration ofThe total number of foreign residents in the United Kingdom was about 1, in Of these, more than one-third were IrishIndians were secondand Americans thirdBetween the s andnet migration in singles battenberg eder United Kingdom rose from 50, per year toIn spite of guest worker programs, the number of unauthorized foreigners grew to aroundin In addition to these increases, "failed" asylum seekers who singles battenberg eder subject to "removal" were a burden, with estimates attoin the United Kingdom in In that same year, Prime Minister Tony Blair declared that immigration had reached a "crunch point.

Conservative Party leader Michael Howard declared that if he were elected the United Kingdom would stop recognizing the Singles battenberg eder Conventions on Refugees and an annual limit of 20, would be placed on immigration. In Jemanden kennenlernen französisch the Home Office estimated that there wereunauthorized foreigners.

A five-tiered guest worker system was introduced: After the death of 52 people in the 2 July bombings in London tubes and buses by British-born South Asians, tension increased and the far-right British National Party called for revamped laws to restrict immigration. As ofthe United Kingdom had the second-largest number of asylum applications in Europe, but by it ranked seventh. Inthere were 9, asylum seekers. The net migration rate in was estimated as 2.


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